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Half Day Tour to Royal Palace, Wat Phnom & Independent Monument

We explore the stunning Royal Palace complex. We enter the Throne Hall where the royal receptions are held and the Cambodian king's coronation took place. We then pass the Napoleon III Pavilion made from iron, a gift from the French emperor in the 19th century. We continue to the Silver Pagoda, named after the 5000 silver tiles covering the floor, each weighing 1kg. Inside are some of the country's most cherished treasures, including a life-size gold Buddha studded with 9584 diamonds, the largest weighing 25 carats.

We leave for Wat Phnom Temple founded by Daun Penh (Grandma Penh), a wealthy widow who in 1372, retrieved from a river a log with five Buddha statues in it and ordered to elevate a piece of her property on which to build a temple to house the statues. Later on, Grandma Penh and the villagers converted to build a temple on the top of the mountain and brought the four Buddha statues to the temple. After that we go to visit Independence Monument. Back to hotel and drop off.

One Day Joining Trip-Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom & Ta Prohm

Embark on an Angkor Wat Temple day trip out of Siem Reap where many treasures, insights, and stories are waiting. Let a local host show you around and experience this cultural attraction from a local perspective. Give yourself the gift of a Angkor Wat Temple day trip with a local - it’s a must-do!
11 reasons to book this experience
• Hotel pickup & drop off
• New exploration of three major temples-Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Taprohm
•Experiencing Khmer history, culture and civilization in details.
• Explanation about causes and reasons of each monument.
• Local safety regulations are put in place to ensure your comfort.
• Drinking water provided for free during tour
• English Speaking Tour Guide
• Joining Tour so that you can make a new friend.
• Transportation with driver and petrol included in this tour cost.
• Always fun and exciting
• Highlights of an ancient structures, roots and trees, architecture, carvings, religions and history

One Day Trekking in the forest on Kulen mountain

Phnom Kulen is considered a holy mountain in Cambodia, of special religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists who come to the mountain in pilgrimage. It also has a major symbolic importance for Cambodians as the birthplace of the ancient Khmer Empire, for it was at Phnom Kulen that King Jayavarma II proclaimed independence from Java in 804 CE. Jayavarman II initiated the cult of the king, a linga cult, in what is dated as 804 CE and declaring his independence from Java. During the Angkorian era the relief was known as Mahendraparvata (the mountain of Great Indra). • Remarks: Basic level of fitness required for 10Km trekking, changing clothes for swimming.
• Sites you will visit: Waterfall, Reclining Buddha, Elephant Pond, Thousand lingas,
• Highlights: Cradle of Khmer Civilisation, Waterfall, Hindu river carvings, Thousand of Linga, architecture, history.

Private 03 Day Discovery of Cambodian Temples with Sunrise

Embark on a brief yet unforgettable adventure that will provide you with a profound understanding of Cambodia. With the help of a local guide, witness the breathtaking sunrise over Angkor Wat, just as it did over 800 years ago. Take a guided tour of the ancient temples and with a three-day Angkor pass, you can immerse yourself in this incredible temple complex as much and as often as you like. Let a local host show you around and experience this cultural attraction from a local perspective.

Private Excursion to Battambang

Battambang is Cambodia's second largest city and the centre of a fertile agricultural area labelled fairly the “Rice Bowl' of Cambodia. It is possible to spend couple of nights in Battambang and see the variety of attractions but for your day visit we have selected the top highlights. Driving through the city you will see the French colonial era footprint in the facade of the town houses, many of which are receiving a well deserved face lift. The famous Bamboo Train is surviving despite the overhanging threat of closure. It is a fun way of experiencing the lush green countryside outside Battambang. When two trains meet, the one with a lighter load must dismantle and make way to the other. You will have lunch locally and rest during the hottest part of the day. Along the way you will stop at an orange plantation before reaching the impressive Banan Temple on the top of a hill with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Private Half Day Trip to Genocidal Museum & Killing Field

We come face to face with the horrific crimes of the Khmer Rouge. Tuol Sleng was a former high school that the Khmer Rouge turned into a centre for interrogation, torture and death. Today it is a museum of torture and serves to remind visitors of the terrible atrocities that came to pass in Cambodia. 17,000 people passed through the gates of this prison and only seven lived to tell the tale. We then travel out of town to the Killing Fields of ChoengEk. Prisoners from Tuol Sleng followed this same route to their fate. An old Chinese cemetery, ChoengEk was turned into an extermination camp for political prisoners. The remains of 8985 people were exhumed from mass graves and are kept in a memorial stupa here. Despite the horrors of the past, it is a peaceful place to go and a tranquil spot to reflect on the tragic events that engulfed Cambodia and its people. Back to hotel and drop off.

Private One Day Exploration at Thousands of Linga, Kbal Spean and Lady Temple

Put on your walking shoes and discover the Cambodian jungle! Hidden from the beaten track lies Kbal Spean with the “River of Thousand Lingas” and an impressive waterfall. To get to the top of Kbal Spean and appreciate the intricately carved stone river bed you have to conquer a fairly steep incline, but fear not – the path is well worn and the biggest obstacles and boulders are overcome by series of well maintained wooden staircases, yet at least medium level of fitness is required for this 3km jungle walk. On your way back you will visit a small temple of Banteay Srei well known for its beautiful delicate carvings in warm pink sandstone. This late 10th century structure is fairly compact and very different from other Angkorian temples. To round off your day you may also visit Banteay Samre – a larger temple which is often overlooked by tourists and looks gorgeous in late afternoon light. Let a local host show you around and experience this cultural attraction from a local perspective.

Private One Day to Kulen Mountain and Kompong Khleang

The cradle of Khmer civilisation is located 40 km northeast from Siem Reap and is an important pilgrimage site for Cambodian people. You will rise early and travel through picturesque countryside to reach your destination in the mid morning. The sites atop Phnom Kulen include a Buddhist Pagoda with giant Reclining Buddha, Hindu carvings in the stone river bed and an impressive waterfall under which swimming is possible. Then, visit the stilted community of Kompong Khleang is located on the northern edge of the Tonle Sap lake approximately 55km east of Siem Reap town. Accessible in both dry and wet season, visitors to Kompong Khleang during the dry season are universally awestruck by the forest of stilted houses rising up to 10 meters in the air. When the monsoon comes the waters rise up to one or two meters of the buildings. This is a permanent community with subsistence fishing as the main source of livelihood. This is also one of the largest communities on the Tonle Sap lake.

Private One Day Trip-Pyramid Temple Koh Ker and Beng Mealea

Let a local host show you around and experience this cultural attraction from a local perspective. We drive to Beng Mealea, a jungled temple with peaceful and green environment. Then, we visit The archaeological site of Koh Ker, UNESCO on September 17, 2023, a sacred urban ensemble of numerous temples and sanctuaries including sculptures, inscriptions, wall paintings, and archaeological remains. Constructed over a twenty-three-year period, it was one of two rival Khmer Empire capitals – the other being Angkor – and was the sole capital from 928 to 944 CE. Established by King Jayavarman IV, his sacred city was believed to be laid out on the basis of ancient Indian religious concepts of the universe. The new city demonstrated unconventional city planning, artistic expression and construction technology, especially the use of very large monolithic stone blocks. Back to Siem Reap.

Private Tour to Anlong Veng (Khmer Rouge Stronghold)

An interesting touring addition for those who have a little more time in Siem Reap and are keen to learn about the recent turbulent history of Cambodia. Anlong Veng lies 125km north of Siem Reap in the area of Dangrek Mountains which mark the border between Cambodia and Thailand. It appears on the touring map for two main reasons: it was the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge and is the resting place of Pol Pot. Not much remains of Pol Pot's bunker but a shell of a house overgrown with foliage and “decorated” with profane graffiti. The province still has plenty of mine fields but these are away from the town centre and experts are working continuously on their clearance. Your guide will be able to shed more light on the last few decades and perhaps share the story of his/her family in those difficult times.

Private Tour to Preh Vihear Temple

Embark on an enriching journey where you'll get to know everything about this must-visit attraction with its ins and outs, its incredible history, insights, and fun facts. The more you explore, the more you'll discover why this place is so important to the locals and its cultural relevance. It's worth setting your alarm and leave early. Situated atop a 52 meter high cliff in the Dongrek Mountains forming the natural border between Cambodia and Thailand is Preah Vihear temple, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 7th, 2008. Subject to controversial ownership issues over time this temple officially belongs to Cambodia. Its location is 150km north of Siem Reap and it will take approximately 3 hours to get there. You will drive through picturesque countryside which becomes less and less populated the further north you go. This temple is a unique architectural complex of series of sanctuaries linked by a system of pavements and staircases on 800 meter long axis. It is an outstanding masterpiece of Khmer architecture and well preserved mainly due to its remote location.

Private Tour to Udong Hill & Sunset Cruise on Mekong River

Enjoy the advantage of having your own private driver and guide on this tour from Phnom Penh. Begin with a visit to the former Cambodian capital of Udong, where you’ll explore the hilltop pagodas and panoramic views with a guide. Then, in the afternoon, board a local boat to head off on a sunset cruise along the Tonle Sap River. Float past the Royal Palace and small villages to the mighty Mekong River and back.
  • Enjoy the seclusion with your own private guide and transportation
  • Explore the former Cambodian capital and its hilltop pagodas
  • Relax on a sunset river cruise
  • Convenient hotel pick up and drop off for a stress-free day