Mebon temple


It is just 500 meters north-east of Pre Rup. Eastern Mebon was built by king Rajendravarman II (944-968) for dedicating to Siva, Hindu god, and his ancestors in memory of the king's parents in 952. Pre Rup and Mebon were built by the same king, but Eastern Mebon built on the island of Eastern Baray, a large hand made reservoirs call Yasodharatadaka 7000 meters by 1800. According to archeologist, it can contain 40 millions cubic meters of water for agriculture, daily life using and transportation. Baray was founded by king Yasovarman I (889 -900).

Eastern Mebon is a mountain temple with 5 towers in quincunx. Owing to the inscription stele was found by French, the central tower was installed a Siva Linga called Rajendresvara for dedicating to Siva. Not only name of Linga, it gave the date of temple as well (952).
The decoration of these towers are perfect, lintels of central tower is best preserve with the carving of gods. East lintel is Indra sitting on three headed elephants. At the western side of lintel Varuna mounted on sacred goose. North direction is Ketu mounted on demon and the South is Yama sitting on water buffalo.
At each corner of the terrace of the temple were decorated by solid elephant statues. The south west corner is the best preserved one.